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Headquartered in the United States, DevGlobal is a cutting-edge consultancy operating at the intersections of data, innovation and technology for sustainable development. Our mission is to democratize the use of Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation for global development applications, especially by in-country experts. DevGlobal built foundational the Ramp toolkit and have extensive expertise in data science, geospatial engineering, data analysis and fit-for-purpose humanitarian applications.

Replicable AI for Microplanning (Ramp) is an ambitious endeavor intended to create a powerful, yet easy to use machine learning model to extract buildings from satellite imagery that can be used by an organization or an individual with a moderately-powerful laptop and high-resolution satellite/drone imagery over a given area of interest. With this building extraction toolkit, Ramp empowers humanitarians with the tools needed to create their own building footprint datasets and is designed for use by experts in-country.

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